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Thora Vukk
Robag Wruhme
Thora Vukk
Pampa Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2011
12 Tracks
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One time Wighnomy Brother follows his Kompakt mix session "Wuppdeckmischmampflow" (!) with his debut LP for DJ Koze's excellent Pampa imprint. Not far removed from the intricate soul-tronics of Nicholas Jaar's latest, Ruhme suffuses every glitch, kick and pad with an innate melancholy that is yearning and affecting, a complexity that breeds repeated listening. Think Jaar, isolee, Wolf+Lamb, Thomas Fehlmann...

  1. 1 Wupp Dek 6:22 Robag Wruhme Buy
  2. 2 Thora Vukk 6:45 Robag Wruhme Buy
  3. 3 Brücke Eins 1:39 Robag Wruhme Buy
  4. 4 Bommsen Böff 6:30 Robag Wruhme Buy
  5. 5 Brücke Zwei 1:30 Robag Wruhme Buy
  6. 6 Pnom Gobal 5:18 Robag Wruhme Buy
  7. 7 Brücke Drei 1:27 Robag Wruhme Buy
  8. 8 Tulpa Ovi 4:35 Robag Wruhme Buy
  9. 9 Brücke Vier 1:55 Robag Wruhme Buy
  10. 10 Prognosen Bomm 3:36 Robag Wruhme Buy
  11. 11 Brücke Fünf 1:58 Robag Wruhme Buy
  12. 12 Ende 5:05 Robag Wruhme Buy

Robag Wruhme

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Pampa Records

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