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Tusken Raiders
Housewerk Vol 1 & 2
Furthur Electronix
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Release Date
May 27, 2022


Made and released within the first couple of months of 2021, Housewerk Vol. 1 found Paradinas reflecting on his entry into club music while growing up in early ‘90s. Paradinas would make the trek to London to comb through small import shops, coming home with anything from Larry Heard’s Ammnesia to an armful of Belgian techno records depending on what caught his interest that day. The earnest melting pot is felt on Vol. 1, calling up Plus-8’s brand of acid techno on ‘Belm’ before settling into ethereal house driven by MIDI choirs on ‘Houzz 11.’ “It wasn't all serious in those days,” Paradinas adds in the Bandcamp liner notes, almost acting as a mission statement for the series.

Vol. 2 followed two short months later, taking the first volume’s playful streak to dizzying new heights. ‘Gelignite’ is a disorienting electro freakout immediately followed by ‘Houzz 12’, a slice of spectral house made all the more expansive by the track before it. The set neatly wraps with the pensive ‘Perigog,’ which Paradinas considers a summation of his wistful nostalgia for the era, but his Housewerk didn’t end there.

By June of 2021, the series expanded into a whopping six volumes, pulling echoes of bleep and bass, acid house, and Detroit techno into the fold. There’s a certain wide-eyed magic captured on Housewerk’s initial volumes that deserves to be heard as a long-player. “Housewerk” as playful of a title as it is, makes for a far more mindless activity compared to the memory excavating that Paradinas unloads across this heartfelt series.

  1. 1 Housewerk 1:29
  2. 2 Belm 1:29
  3. 3 Slow Belm 1:29
  4. 4 Houzz 11 1:29
  5. 5 Amnesia 1:29
  6. 6 Gelignite 1:29
  7. 7 Houzz 12 1:29
  8. 8 Jauntasm 1:29
  9. 9 Perigog 1:29

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