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Evenements 09
Anne-James Chaton
Evenements 09
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March 2011
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This new release on Raster-Noton reinforces the labels essential role within contemporary experimental electronic music. Shoving the listeners' ears and tolerance immediately in to a tight corner, the French poet Anne-James Chaton meticulously deconstructs the human voice to create one of the labels most challenging albums to date. Using a collection of vocal recordings in which he reads out screeds of lists, names and numbers taken from the every day, he displays and examines them on the dissecting table and reassembles them into stark repetitive arrangements. Through this forced repeated listening, the sibilance becomes percussive, creating the familiar structures of the drum kit, while the words slowly reveal themselves from within the vocal cacophony, creating a work that is both a musical composition as well as a studied examination. Indeed it is difficult listening, but it is a truly experimental work that needs to be experienced.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 jeudi 22 janvier 2009 - événement n°20 Anne-James Chaton 4:37 Buy
  2. 2 jeudi 19 mars 2009 - événement n°21 Anne-James Chaton 1:37 Buy
  3. 3 vendredi 12 juin 2009 - événement n°22 Anne-James Chaton 3:51 Buy
  4. 4 vendredi 26 juin 2009 - événement n°23 Anne-James Chaton 4:08 Buy
  5. 5 mardi 30 juin 2009 - événement n°24 Anne-James Chaton 3:17 Buy
  6. 6 mercredi 1 juillet 2009 - événement n°25 Anne-James Chaton 4:25 Buy
  7. 7 mardi 28 juillet 2009 - événement n°26 Anne-James Chaton 3:54 Buy
  8. 8 vendredi 21 aout 2009 - événement n°27 Anne-James Chaton 4:52 Buy
  9. 9 jeudi 24 septembre 2009 - événement n°28 Anne-James Chaton 3:17 Buy
  10. 10 Barack Obama Anne-James Chaton 0:15 Buy
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Experimental and Noise

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