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Peaking Lights
Weird World
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February 21, 2011


Indra Dunis and Aaron Coyes have chosen wisely in naming their band as theirs is a sound that lives in that point where the VU meters push into the red. Throughout the album, bass hits your ears in a glorious meeting of distortion and resonance whilst gorgeous analogue organs and synths swim through a fog of reverb and delay to land perfectly naive melodies.

Dub is an undeniable influence here though it feels filtered through the cross fertilisation of the early wave of post punk and sits alongside influences from further afield - 'All The Sun That Shines' mixes a Duane Eddy-like guitar line with a bassline that any early 80s Ladbroke Grove squat dweller would have killed to call their own. 'Amazing and Wonderful' also conjures up echoes of 'Evol' era Sonic Youth

Though more than the sum of its influences this is an album that's not too concerned with pushing sonic boundaries or creating a recognisably modern sound. This is not to its detriment - there may be a retro quality to this record but the skillful construction of mood and melody help to create a collection that stands outside of any concepts of time."

Words by Steve Nolan (Allez-Allez / Amazing Sounds)

  1. 1 Synthy 2:58
  2. 2 All The Sun That Shines 6:53
  3. 3 Amazing and Wonderful 5:29
  4. 4 Birds of Paradise Dub Version 7:57
  5. 5 Hey Sparrow 3:56
  6. 6 Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) 7:47
  7. 7 Marshmellow Yellow 8:27
  8. 8 Summertime 5:26

Peaking Lights

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Weird World

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Alternative / Indie / Post-rock

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