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Transparent Roads
Various Artists
Transparent Roads
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February 2011
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"Strade Trasparenti" features the original exclusive music by The Necks, David Grubbs, Mira Calix, Mute Socialite and O-Type made for the soundtrack of the film by Augusto Contento.

"Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads) is a cinevoyage, a ritual of initiation to the journey, to the discovery of the unknown, the indecipherable and the irreducible. It's to go beyond the logic of one's own national, cultural, perceptive borders."
(Augusto Contento, Director)

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Transparent Roads 28:11 Various Artists
  2. 2 To Know A Veil 10:28 Various Artists
  3. 3 I Carry You In My Heart 12:37 Various Artists
  4. 4 Samba Outlaw 5:21 Various Artists Buy
  5. 5 Shadowgram 23:02 Various Artists
  6. 6 To Know A Veil Two (Bonus Track) 5:28 Various Artists Buy
  7. 7 To Know A Veil Three (Bonus Track) 3:02 Various Artists Buy
  8. 8 Circling (Bonus Track) 7:55 Various Artists Buy
  9. 9 Samba Transparent Roads (Bonus Track) 2:17 Various Artists Buy
  10. 10 Transparent Roads (Bonus Track) 25:46 Various Artists


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