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Well Spent Youth
Well Spent Youth
Pampa Records
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February 2011
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Rajko Muller's Isolee project only surfaces every now and again, but when it does a collective gasp is drawn across the electronic community. This is his third full-length (for DJ Koze's Pampa Records here) and as one would expect is a perfect exercise in sound design. What transpires is a glistening mass of chords, micro-sounds and beguiling drum patterns that burrow into your consciousness setting up a whirlwind through minimal, jazz, house and elegant electronics for pure satisfaction. 'Well Spent Youth' indeed...

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  1. 1 Paloma Triste 5:09 Isolée Buy
  2. 2 Thirteen Times An Hour 7:50 Isolée Buy
  3. 3 Taktell 5:41 Isolée Buy
  4. 4 Journey's End 5:11 Isolée Buy
  5. 5 Going Nowhere 5:33 Isolée Buy
  6. 6 One Box 5:45 Isolée Buy
  7. 7 Celeste 6:15 Isolée Buy
  8. 8 Trop Près De Toi (97' Interlude) 2:20 Isolée Buy
  9. 9 Hold On 6:51 Isolée Buy
  10. 10 Transmission 6:14 Isolée Buy
  11. 11 In Our Country 6:59 Isolée Buy


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