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BlindeKinder (helfen bauen)
BlindeKinder (helfen bauen)
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February 15, 2007

Jonas Kocher and Raphael Raccuia harvest in BlindeKinder the musical fruits of their passion for found curious and unusual sound recordings. They combine picks from a large collection of phonographic oddities with pure sounds, generated mainly through the use of second hand analog electronics, in caleidoscopic and very musical, improvised and/or composed tracks. BlindeKinders multi-layered sonic narratives seem to pass almost dreamlike, as each of them unavoidably comes with a stream of pretty much elusive memories and socio-cultural connotations. Different (because personal) for each listener, but continuously evoked by the weaving in and out of particular straight or modified - artifacts from past popular culture, and their decontextualization It is utterly fascinating how with the passing of time many of such 'popular cultural artifacts appear to us as if produced by 'blind kids' What, all said and done, must account for the aura of deep tragedy that surrounds many such 'found objects' And which is an important reason so much to cherish them. For, of course, there's not the slightest doubt, that - here and now - we are just as 'blind/kids'

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