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Ital Tek
Planet Mu
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January 2009
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Ital Tek drops his debut album after some very nice singles on various labels and the quality is as high if not higher than expected.

Ital Tek stalks the ground where electronica and dubstep meet, with a ponderous, melodic album with a few tricks up it's sleeve. He often uses the bass, which is often used as an instrument of brutality in dubstep as a melodic instrument, adding an easy and open emotional element to his tracks. He also employs lots of tricky rhythmic editing, which give the tracks and intense energy that contrasts well with the more delicate elements. A great crossover point between dubstep and electronica, that seems wouldn't really have been possible on any other label.

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  1. 1 Cyclical 4:47 Ital Tek Buy
  2. 2 Pins 5:03 Ital Tek Buy
  3. 3 White Mark 4:16 Ital Tek Buy
  4. 4 Bloodline 4:18 Ital Tek Buy
  5. 5 Tokyo Freeze 4:55 Ital Tek Buy
  6. 6 Still Shores 4:57 Ital Tek Buy
  7. 7 Versus 3:59 Ital Tek Buy
  8. 8 Red Sky 5:00 Ital Tek Buy
  9. 9 Insomniac 5:22 Ital Tek Buy
  10. 10 Wind Tunnel 5:10 Ital Tek Buy
  11. 11 Deep Pools 6:39 Ital Tek Buy

Ital Tek

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