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Strumming Music For Piano, Harpsichord And Strings Ensemble
Charlemagne Palestine
Strumming Music For Piano, Harpsichord And Strings Ensemble
Sub Rosa
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September 2010
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Sub Rosa present this consummate new work from Brooklyn minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine. A contemporary of Riley, Reich, Glass, Niblock, this 3 CD set comprises three extended pieces developed from the same methods as his most famous composition Strumming, where he forcefully played two notes in rapid alternation that slowly expand into clusters. An intense, evocative collection of music.

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  1. 1 Strumming for Bosendorfer Piano 52:14 Charlemagne Palestine
  2. 2 Strumming for Harpsichord 35:24 Charlemagne Palestine
  3. 3 Strumming for Strings 24:26 Charlemagne Palestine

Charlemagne Palestine

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