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Calabi Yau Space
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February 11, 2022


14 years since it was originally released on Rephlex Records, WeMe Records give Dopplereffekt's 'Calabi Yau Space' the reissue treatment, following their excellent reissue of 'Linear Accelerator'.

Here, eight analogue experiments referencing deep space exploration, theoretical physics and the supernatural are brought into focus. When first released, the tracks were perceived by some as Dopplereffekt at their most challenging and avant, standing out from the quintessential beat-driven electro sound they were known for. The tracks have an experimental focus and are at times completely free of rhythm, with shifting layers and discordant melodies achieving a rich, austere timbre. Close your eyes and turn it up for maximum effect as the precision sound engineering acts as a kind of eyelid cinema. It's certainly a departure as 'Calabi Yau Space' falls neatly into the lineage of deep experimental listening, and is more reminiscent of Schultzian Tangerine Dream or the Radiophonic Workshop than the fetish electro Dopplereffekt is best known for.

An essential record and a joyous outlier for Dopplerfekkt fans, and a great voyage for all fans of Techno in the sense that the term was originally intended.

  1. 1 Calabi Yau Manifold 0:59
  2. 2 Hyperelliptic Surfaces 1:59
  3. 3 Holomorpic N 0 Form 0:59
  4. 4 Compactification 0:59
  5. 5 Mirror Symmetry 0:59
  6. 6 Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor 1:59
  7. 7 Hypersurface 1:59
  8. 8 Dimension 11 1:59



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