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Teho Teardo
Soundtrack Work 2004-2008
Catalogue Number
Release Date
23 agosto 2010

<p>A little background.... Teho Teardo is an Italian film composer formerly with punk band and occasional collaborations with the likes of Mick Harris (Scorn, Napalm Death) and Lydia Lunch. In the last decade he has been widely regarded as the premier composer for native Italian cinema. This luxuriant twenty-five track collection is asummary of works released by Ben Edwards' (Benge) label Expanding.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The music....largely led by strings and based in the tenets of minimalism, Teardo fleshes his core out with electronic flourishes, guitars and swelling textural atmospheres. Haunted, spine tingling sonics that will resonate with fans of Nils Frahm, Johann Johannsson,BJ Nilsen, Gavin Bryars.</p> <p><br />

  1. 1 La Ragazza del lago - Ciuspi 2:56
  2. 2 La Ragazza del lago - Dax 1:41
  3. 3 La Ragazza del lago - Garampo 2:05
  4. 4 Il passato e una terra straniera - Brake 2:40
  5. 5 Il passato e una terra straniera - Dentro 2:27
  6. 6 Il passato e una terra straniera - E'passato 2:04
  7. 7 Il passato e una terra straniera - Ti pare felice? 2:42
  8. 8 Il passato e una terra straniera - How you disappeared 2:10
  9. 9 Il passato e una terra straniera - Perche proprio io? 3:11
  10. 10 Il passato e una terra straniera - Port Something 2:00
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