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To coincide with Matthew Dear's new album, Ghostly have repressed his classic Black City. Here is what we said back then: A huge release for Ghostly International, and a record sure to pique interest in even the most casual electronic listener. Dear has been at the vanguard of innovative music for well over a decade now, this latest LP sees the American embrace yet more forms into his repertoire. Glossy outsider-pop, freaky Princean funk, liquid New Wave style and propulsive, electronic-disco all collide and crash into each other, a riot of tone, colour and energy plus a load of great songs. Brilliant.

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  1. 1 Honey 3:47 Matthew Dear Buy
  2. 2 I Can't Feel 4:18 Matthew Dear Buy
  3. 3 Little People (Black City) 9:20 Matthew Dear Buy
  4. 4 Slowdance 4:22 Matthew Dear Buy
  5. 5 Soil To Seed 2:28 Matthew Dear Buy
  6. 6 You Put A Smell On Me 5:04 Matthew Dear Buy
  7. 7 Shortwave 5:12 Matthew Dear Buy
  8. 8 Monkey 3:39 Matthew Dear Buy
  9. 9 More Surgery 5:30 Matthew Dear Buy
  10. 10 Gem 4:07 Matthew Dear Buy
  11. 11 Innh Dahh (Bonus Track) 3:52 Matthew Dear Buy

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