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Lackluster RemixSelection_One
Various Artists
Lackluster RemixSelection_One
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July 2010
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Created between 2001 and 2004, these redefinitions contain elements of electronica, electro and hip hop, effortlessly manipulated into shapes which are uniquely Lackluster's own, including remixes for Global Goon (Rephlex), Proem (Merck), Multiplex (Toytronic) and more.

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  1. 1 Too Few Arguments (No Arguments at all Lacklustermx) 6:41 Eedl Buy
  2. 2 Chase Hq (Lackluster Case QQ) 3:24 Lord Fader Buy
  3. 3 Mithranix (Lcklstr Shoddymx) 4:45 Global Goon Buy
  4. 4 Rely (Unreliable Llmx) 5:48 Korpi Ensemble Buy
  5. 5 Standard Naming Convention (Lackluster 80bpmmx) 7:26 Proem Buy
  6. 6 Dot your Eyes (Cross your DoubleLs) 4:22 Max Waters Buy
  7. 7 Dream with the Fishes (Keep StiLL its your Achilles Heel) 12:38 Mantra Buy
  8. 8 Sitting Pretty (Lacklustermx) 7:30 Manta Buy
  9. 9 Rockrobot (Lacklustermx4) 3:26 multiplex Buy
  10. 10 Nighthiker (Lackluster Limp) 4:19 ENV(itre) Buy
  11. 11 Rockrobot (Lacklustermx2) 8:32 multiplex Buy
  12. 12 Latatoo (Laa Laa Lacklustermx) 5:02 Sleepytown Manufacture Buy


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