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Throbbing Gristle
20 Jazz Funk Greats
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 17, 2017


Throbbing Gristles luxurious mickey-take of a title/cover, 20 Jazz Funk Greats contains possibly the greatest recordings from the industrial legends sprawling discography. A hallucinogenic rush of cut and paste rhythmic discipline. We don't really need to say much about this one as everything and more has been said... A vital piece of 20th-century art that will outlive all its imitators.

Forty years (!!!) since the wreckers of civilization Throbbing Gristle first tore apart any notions of what you thought punk/post-punk/psychedelia/whatever-you-wanna-label-it was mean to sound like, Mute give us a fresh glimpse of the sounds that turned and continue to this day switch generations onto the movement that can is best described as nothing other than, industrial.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 20 Jazz Funk Greats 2:44 Buy

    20 Jazz Funk Greats

  2. 2 Beachy Head 3:37 Buy
  3. 3 Still Walking 4:49 Buy
  4. 4 Tanith 2:11 Buy
  5. 5 Convincing People 4:49 Buy

    Convincing People

  6. 6 Exotica 2:51 Buy
  7. 7 Hot on Heels of Love 4:21 Buy

    Hot on Heels of Love

  8. 8 Persuasion 6:33 Buy
  9. 9 Walkabout 3:00 Buy
  10. 10 What a Day 4:35 Buy
  11. 11 Six Six Sixties 2:05 Buy

    Six Six Sixties

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