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Benedikt Frey & Tim Toh
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December 10, 2021


Press Release

I dream of you so quietly. Your likeness is not visible, the wind obscures your silhouette. You create spirals and don't know why. A burning star whirling in an orbit of its own. Each today is yesterday's tomorrow, which is now. And now is all I have, in my dream, so quietly...

Four new tracks on RIO, catalogue number 006. Conducted, dreamed, in- and exhaled by Benedikt Frey and Tim Toh, featuring cosmic whisper and aerospace vocoder poetry by Lisa Toh, Tyler Pope, Lukas Diller and Niklas Wandt. Tripping music, dancing with organic Reprazent-break-infinity, saxophone melodies, Neu-Kraut-transcendence, nervous drones, gloomy bass figures, minimal pop and manic computer malfunctioning tones. All wrapped in a warm void of Melancholie, touching the eternal with murky gloves. Pointillist tunes, thoughtfully peculiar, seriously serious. Now is all they need. Now is all they want. Now I dream of you so quietly.

  1. 1 Neu (ft. Lisa Toh & Niklas Wandt) 1:32
  2. 2 Anfang 1:32
  3. 3 Vereinigt (Ft. Tyler Pope) 1:32
  4. 4 Angst (ft. Lukas Diller) 1:32

Electronic and Electronica

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