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Carmen Villain
Only Love From Now On
Smalltown Supersound
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 25, 2022


Carmen Villain has been on quite the adventure throughout her career, but the evolution of her discography is a natural one: the reverb-soaked indie-pop influenced guitars of her debut Sleeper transmute effortlessly into the ambient masterpiece of Only Love From Now On. Villain orchestrates a soundbath of exhaling reeds and flute epiphanies, warming bass swells tuned to the soul’s frequency. Gongs, harps, birdcalls, all melting in ancience and releasing pressure. Only Love From Now On is a suggestion to take a breather, set your own pace, and allow yourself to be embraced by the healing power of music.

  1. 1 Gestures w/ Arve Henriksen 2:00
  2. 2 Future Memory 1:58
  3. 3 Liminal Space 1:42
  4. 4 Only Love From Now On w/ Johanna Scheie Orellana 1:59
  5. 5 Subtle Bodies 1:59
  6. 6 Silueta 1:59
  7. 7 Portals 1:59

Track List


  1. Gestures w/ Arve Henriksen
  2. Future Memory
  3. Liminal Space
  4. Only Love From Now On w/ Johanna Scheie Orellana

Side B:

  1. Subtle Bodies
  2. Silueta
  3. Portals

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