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12k Bleep Sampler
Various Artists
12k Bleep Sampler
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July 2010
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For over 10 years now, Taylor Deupree's 12k label has been a vanguard of abstract and minimal-electronics that shift between the musical realms of gentle, pastoral ambience, dissonant noise collage and micro-techno. We are very happy to have on-board this exclusive sampler, curated by Taylor Deupree, that features an exclusive track and retails at the very attractive price of only £3.50!

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Worn (from Weather & Worn) Taylor Deupree 4:03
  2. 2 Sus (from Sval) Pjusk 6:35
  3. 3 Be Born (from Duree) Minamo 5:35
  4. 4 Hikari no Hana (from In Light) Small Color 4:16
  5. 5 Canal Rocks (from Solo Andata) Solo Andata 5:28
  6. 6 Map in Hand pt.4 (epilogue) (from Map in Hand) Seaworthy 4:33
  7. 7 The Surface of Everything (from The Colour of Autumn) Lawrence English 5:01
  8. 8 Frame (from Frame) Shuttle358 7:53
  9. 9 Leaves (from Letter of Sounds) Fourcolor 14:19
  10. 10 04 (from Mit Ohne) Steinbruchel 5:24
  11. 11 8 (from Aix) Giuseppe Ielasi 3:18
  12. 12 Her Mouth is an Outlaw (from Her Mouth is an Outlaw) Amplifier Machine 9:10
  13. 13 Live in Brisbane (version) [Exclusive track] Taylor Deupree 10:43


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