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Eli Keszler
The Scary of Sixty-First (OST)
Deeper Into Movies Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 15, 2022


Dasha Nekrasova is never one to shy away from controversy. Between her work on the Red Scare podcast, and now her brash, grindhouse-indebted debut film The Scary of Sixty-First, dissension seems to follow her at every turn. As such, the electronic musician Eli Keszler meets Nekrasova’s vision perfectly with his chillingly retro (and wonderfully sleazy) score, the very first release for Deeper Into Movies Records. Keszler’s work here recalls the white knuckle tension of John Carpenter classics, while also nodding to the contemporary works of colleagues like Oneohtrix Point Never, with whom he has already collaborated. Keszler stresses the importance of a particular seven-note symmetrical pattern as a key repeated motif that ties his work to the unrelenting dread of the film.

  1. 1 Scary Theme 2:16
  2. 2 Realtor Creep 0:25
  3. 3 New Age For Smudging 1:10
  4. 4 Nightmare (Tarot One) 0:59
  5. 5 The Girl Knocks 2:00
  6. 6 Addie's Dream 0:39
  7. 7 Research 0:57
  8. 8 Vyvanse Study 0:39
  9. 9 Addie & The Girl 2:00
  10. 10 Tarot Hallucination 2:00
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Track List

  1. A1 Scary Theme
  2. A2 Realtor Creep
  3. A3 New Age for Smudging
  4. A4 Nightmare (Tarot One)
  5. A5 The Girl Knocks
  6. A6 Addie's Dream
  7. A7 Research
  8. A8 Vyvanse Study
  9. A9 Addie & The Girl
  10. A10 Tarot Hallucination
  11. B1 So Royal
  12. B2 Enchantment
  13. B3 Teaspoon Two
  14. B4 The Basement
  15. B5 Awakens
  16. B6 She Runs
  17. B7 The Letter

Eli Keszler

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Eli Keszler


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