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Compilation Tracks for Which I Was Never Paid
Luke Vibert
Compilation Tracks for Which I Was Never Paid
Personal Stereo
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March 2007
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Exclusively assembled for Bleep, composed of tracks that Luke Vibert contributed to compilations on various labels over the years. An excellent compendium of little-known vibert treasures.

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  1. 1 Blasted Wook 3:10 Luke Vibert Buy
  2. 2 Combination Reggae Dancing 5:39 Luke Vibert Buy
  3. 3 Infinite Potential 8:11 Luke Vibert Buy
  4. 4 A Hot One 5:40 Luke Vibert Buy
  5. 5 Lunar Laugh 4:12 Luke Vibert Buy
  6. 6 Ruff Dog 7:19 Luke Vibert Buy
  7. 7 First Bass 4:16 Luke Vibert Buy
  8. 8 Flip Flop 6:43 Luke Vibert Buy
  9. 9 Gas Fish 7:41 Luke Vibert Buy
  10. 10 Indian Giver 8:13 Luke Vibert Buy
  11. 11 Open Your Ears 6:29 Luke Vibert Buy
  12. 12 River 5:51 Luke Vibert Buy

Luke Vibert

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Personal Stereo

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