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Oneohtrix Point Never
Editions Mego
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31 maggio 2010


What's burnt into memory here is Lopatin's love affair with comforting nostalgia; fond sepia-toned longing; the hypnogogic; the psychotronic and the psychedelic. Constantly on the hunt for the ghost in the machine; composing analogue laments and emotive noise from all manner of arcane machinery. The result? The ultimate, introspective music that touches the heart, soul and brain. A benchmark achievement that rivals patriarchs and contemporaries such Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Schulze, William Basinski, Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada.

Lista dei brani digitali

  1. 1 Nil Admirari 5:06 Acquista
  2. 2 Describing Bodies 4:18 Acquista
  3. 3 Stress Waves 5:42 Acquista
  4. 4 Returnal 4:44 Acquista
  5. 5 Pelham Island Road 7:36 Acquista
  6. 6 Where Does Time Go 6:25 Acquista
  7. 7 Ouroboros 2:04 Acquista
  8. 8 Preyouandi 6:11 Acquista

Oneohtrix Point Never

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Editions Mego

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