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Great Western Laymen
Rudi Zygadlo
Great Western Laymen
Planet Mu
Cat. No.
Release Date
October 2013
13 Tracks


New Scottish Planet Mu signing drops his debut full length set for the label. A restless, constantly twitching record, ....Laymen bursts with the frenetic energy of a young, talented producer throwing his hand at a myriad of styles and influences. Bending with efforless ease from fractured R&B to abstract pop to bass-wobble steppa' grooves to weird classical Venetian-Snares movements and blasts of brass noise. A busy, rewarding album for fans of Hudson, Aphex, Bass Clef. 

Track List

  1. 1 Manuscripts Don't Burn 2:56 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  2. 2 Something About Faith 4:40 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  3. 3 Layman's Requiem 2:48 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  4. 4 A Room To Sing 3:31 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  5. 5 Perfect Lust 3:33 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  6. 6 Filthy Logic 3:05 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  7. 7 Song Of Praise 3:58 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  8. 8 Magic In The Afternoon 4:44 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  9. 9 Stop/Reject 4:52 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  10. 10 Resealable Friendship 3:47 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  11. 11 Missa Per Brevis 3:49 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  12. 12 The Man In The Duck 5:56 Rudi Zygadlo Buy
  13. 13 Opiate Of The Mass 4:36 Rudi Zygadlo Buy

Rudi Zygadlo

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Planet Mu

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