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Nothing Else
Nothing Else
Catalogue Number
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June 2010
12 Tracks
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Heavy digital work-outs from the first Brainfeeder operative to not hail from Los Angeles, Lorn. Cut together with acute precision, Lorn's drums sound as clean and crisp as any one currently surfing the beat-wave while the microscopic, intensely detailed patterns flicker like the best of Nosaj Thing's output. Elsewhere we are treated to fractured minimal-synth and exotic hip-hop instrumentals lathered in psychedelia and spat out more mongrel than ever. Massive record for followers of this vivid strain and featuring a mastering job by Warp's Chris Clark.

  1. 1 Grandfather 1:15 Lorn Buy
  2. 2 None an Island 3:50 Lorn Buy
  3. 3 Army of Fear 2:24 Lorn Buy
  4. 4 Bretagne 2:57 Lorn Buy
  5. 5 Automaton 3:35 Lorn Buy
  6. 6 Void I 2:22 Lorn Buy
  7. 7 Void II 2:08 Lorn Buy
  8. 8 Tomorrow 2:33 Lorn Buy
  9. 9 Glass & Silver 3:06 Lorn Buy
  10. 10 Cherry Moon 3:38 Lorn Buy
  11. 11 Greatest Silence 2:22 Lorn Buy
  12. 12 What's the Use 2:31 Lorn Buy



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