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Moor Mother
Black Encyclopedia of the Air
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 17, 2021


Where do you start with a Moor Mother release? Any beginning square seems counterintuitive. Releases move all over the map, such that genre seems like a trivial question (poetry? Rap? Noise? Jazz?) and few releases, by MM or otherwise, are as cosmically-minded, comprehensive and downright challenging as Black Encyclopedia of the Air. Along with a group of compatriots which includes Pink Siifu, Lojii, Elucid and Orion Sun, the album is a traipse beyond the void, and beyond all memory of time before the void, a doomsday clock ticking the first second after the apocalypse.

Track List

  1. Temporal Control Of Light Echoes
  2. Mangrove (feat. Elucid & Antonia Gabriela)
  3. Race Function Limited (feat. Brother May)
  4. Shekere (feat. Lojii)
  5. Vera Hall (feat. Bfly & Orion Sun)
  6. Obsidian (feat. Pink Siifu)
  7. Iso Fonk
  8. Rogue Waves
  9. Made A Circle (feat. Nappy Nina & Maassai & Antonia Gabriela & Orion Sun)
  10. Tarot (feat. Yatta & Dudu Kouate)
  11. Nighthawk Of Time (feat. Black Quantum Futurism)
  12. Zami
  13. Clock Fight (feat. Elaine Mitchner & Dudu Kouate)

Moor Mother

Experimental and Noise

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