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Graham Lambkin
Amateur Doubles
Blank Forms Editions
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October 8, 2021


Press Release

Taped largely in a Honda Civic, Amateur Doubles (Kye, 2011) is a portrait of an oft-overlooked domestic stage: the car. Graham Lambkin captures the sounds of a family-in-motion as they fiddle with windows, play with toys, bicker, pass traffic, and listen, as the song titles note, to French prog artists Besombes/Rizet and Philippe Grancher. While the set-up at first appears simple—a car ride taken by the artist and his family through upstate New York—Lambkin subtly and slyly manipulates the recordings, and even the background music itself, to unsettling effect, assembling a hazy, disorienting simulacra of a journey and quintessential domestic scene.

  1. 1 Amateur Doubles (Besombes/Rizet-Pôle) 2:00
  2. 2 Amateur Doubles (Philippe Grancher - 3000 Miles Away) 2:00

Track List

  1. Amateur Doubles (Besombes/Rizet-Pôle)
  2. Amateur Doubles (Philippe Grancher - 3000 Miles Away)

Graham Lambkin

Blank Forms Editions

Ambient and Modern Classical

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