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Color Strip
Jimmy Edgar
Color Strip
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2006
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The debut LP on Warp from the multifaceted creative prodigy discovered in the depths of Detroit's electronic underground, 'Color Strip' welds Jimmy's trademark beat programming to the bump n' grind of dancefloor electro and digital RnB. The result is lascivious, fresh and bathed in a modernist sheen that reflects his various influences of super-stylized fashion, intercontinental nightlife and original Detroit techno futurism.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Pret'a'porter Jimmy Edgar 4:01 Buy
  2. 2 My Beats Jimmy Edgar 5:03 Buy
  3. 3 I Wanna Be Your STD Jimmy Edgar 5:04 Buy
  4. 4 LBLB Detroit Jimmy Edgar 5:11 Buy
  5. 5 Personal Information Jimmy Edgar 4:04 Buy
  6. 6 Telautraux Jimmy Edgar 4:59 Buy
  7. 7 Hold It, Attach It, Connect It Jimmy Edgar 5:01 Buy
  8. 8 Jefferson Interception Jimmy Edgar 5:53 Buy
  9. 9 Of The Silent Variety Jimmy Edgar 5:02 Buy
  10. 10 Semierotiic Jimmy Edgar 5:19 Buy
  11. 11 Color Strip Warren Jimmy Edgar 4:22 Buy
  12. 12 Heart Beat Sexual (Hidden Track) Jimmy Edgar 5:02 Buy

Jimmy Edgar


Electronic and Electronica

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