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Den Osynliga Manteln
Castles in Space
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Release Date
August 27, 2021

Den Osynliga Manteln; that’s Swedish for ‘The Invisible Cloak’. As folkloric objects go, it’s a pretty fitting moniker for the Malmö duo of Ola Sandberg and Frederik Grönvall, two individuals fascinated with the interstices of pre-historical mysticism and far-off utopianism. Their debut LP Insektsfolk feels equally ancient as it does boldly futuristic, a record as indebted to Can-like jazz free-wheeling as it is to the idillic biomes of romanticism, a vast painted world bursting with colour and attentive to dramatic spaces in-between. Woodwinds and synthesisers coalesce in electronic-organic amalgamations, while sturdy percussive underpinnings peak and dip with the seemingly self-directed flow of atmospherics.

  1. 1 Silversugga 2:00
  2. 2 Vindbagge 1:21
  3. 3 Tretusenfoting 2:00
  4. 4 Vortexlopare 2:00
  5. 5 Trasktrollslanda 2:00

Track List

  1. Silversugga
  2. Vindbagge
  3. Tretusenfoting
  4. Vortexlopare
  5. Trasktrollslanda

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