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Clock DVA
Horology 1-3 Recordings 1977-1980
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August 20, 2021
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    Available: September 24, 2021


Sheffield band Clock DVA was formed in 1978 from the ashes of a previous band named The Future - an earlier project whose other members would go on to achieve success with The Human League and Heaven 17. Spread across an impressive 15 CDs worth of material is a selection of early work, solo member’s output, studio experiments, and a disc dedicated to recordings by The Future. This anthology gives insight into the early work of pioneers behind the UK’s first wave of industrial music - bringing the late 70s Sheffield music scene more sharply into focus, and affording an unseen glimpse into the archive of one of its most influential groups, Clock DVA.

Horology I - DVAtion 78/79/80
CD01 Lomticks Of Time
CD02/03 2nd - I
CD04 Sex Works Beyond Entanglement
CD05 Deep Floor
CD06 Fragment

Horology II - Clockdva, The Future & Radiophonic Dvations CD07 The Future
CD08 Radiophonic Dvations 1
CD09 Radiophonic Dvations 2
CD10 Radiophonic Dvations 3
CD11 Radiophonic Dvations 4

Horology III- DVAtion 78/79/80
CD12 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 1
CD13 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 2
CD14 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 3
CD15 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 4

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