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Lux EP
Leisure System
Catalogue Number
LSR025 D
Release Date
August 27, 2021


JakoJako returns to Leisure System with Lux, an EP designed for diverse sonic needs, spanning rhythmic tranquillisers to potent dancefloor mood enhancers. Building on the live and spontaneous process behind the success of her debut Aequilibration, Lux sees JakoJako further refine her playful and experimental approach in the studio. Present throughout is the sound of machines only just under control, which has come to characterise her productions. Opener ‘Viridis’ began as part of a live set, revolving around an acid line processed to the limits of recognition, with driving percussion punctuated by structural twists and turns. The pace slows with ‘Sublividus', evoking a moment of intense longing crystallised in time, like the distant horn of a ship fading into the mist. ‘Eos’ serves to release the tension. A distorted broken beat underpins the rhythm while clouds of harmony float behind a polymetric hook. In the closing minutes, ‘Ochros’ brings a single melody slowly to the boil, expanding in waves of increasing intensity, before bursting and coming gently to rest. A strong colour-sound connection informs her use of contrast; the balance of light and dark. She explains: "The German word for timbre is ‘Klangfarbe’, which translates directly as ‘sound colour’. I like to think about synthesis in this sense, with basic waveforms being primary colours that blend together to make new ones, which can be shaped into something like an image, that has a meaning or a story to tell.”

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Leisure System

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