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Temple Of The New Sun
Phantom Limb
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October 8, 2021

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Press Release

Xochimoki - celebrated American ethnomusicologist Jim Berenholz and Aztec descendant / wisdom keeper Mazatl Galindo - traverse millenia with career compendium Temple Of The New Sun, an album recorded in New Mexico in the mid 1980’s but tracing a lineage back thousands of years.

Xochimoki summon feathered gods and animal spirits. They incant mythological folktales of celestial glory and supernatural dread. Their songs are sung in Pre-Columbian Central and South American languages, including Nahuatl, Maya, Purepecha and Quechua. And much of their music was written at ancient ceremonial sites, in rituals and meditations, in communion with the spirits that rest there. There is an inherent sense of storytelling, of the peoples of the jungle and the earth living through this music.

Xochimoki self-released two cassettes, soundtracked the Albuquerque Museum’s touring exhibition MAYA: Treasures of an Ancient Civilization, and created several discs’ worth of further soundtrack music elsewhere before moving on to new and individual projects. Phantom Limb’s hand-curated reissue album The Temple Of The New Sun collects key works from their broad history, newly remastered and now available for the first time on vinyl.

Track List

  1. Pantzikuini
  2. Naui Ollin
  3. Tua Ra
  4. Tlakayotl
  5. Zan Totemikuiko
  6. Kokoyo Kayotl
  7. Tlalokan
  8. Ketzalpapalotl
  9. Nah Chan
  10. Malinalli Koatl
  11. Tlahuizkalli

Phantom Limb

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