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Hánkel Bellido
A Change of Mourning
Death Is Not The End
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 6, 2021

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Death Is Not The End prove yet again that there’s no end to the fascinating kinds of music you’re likely to find if you look long enough. This time, the imprint join field recordist Hánkel Bellido and head over to the Ayacucho region of the Central-South Sierra of Peru, where the life of Bellido’s late grandmother, “Mamay” Sofía de Bellido, is to be honoured with a ritual. A fascinating document of folk tradition and colonialism, the power of each mourning, vocalised note is undeniable.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Mamay Sofía Hánkel Bellido 4:48 Buy

    Mamay Sofía

  2. 2 Wawallayki Waturicuq Hánkel Bellido 1:49 Buy

    Wawallayki Waturicuq

  3. 3 Qamullahuayña Kuyay Jesusllay Hánkel Bellido 2:05 Buy

    Qamullahuayña Kuyay Jesusllay

  4. 4 Adios Nillaway Dispidillaway Hánkel Bellido 2:27 Buy

    Adios Nillaway Dispidillaway

  5. 5 Llamado al Pueblo Hánkel Bellido 1:44 Buy

    Llamado al Pueblo

  6. 6 Llampuayachi Sunquykita Hánkel Bellido 3:15 Buy

    Llampuayachi Sunquykita

  7. 7 Ama Diosta Kutirinkichu Hánkel Bellido 1:56 Buy

    Ama Diosta Kutirinkichu

  8. 8 Riqsiniñam Quchallayta Hánkel Bellido 2:10 Buy

    Riqsiniñam Quchallayta

  9. 9 San Gregorio Hánkel Bellido 4:39 Buy
  10. 10 Campana a Media Noche Hánkel Bellido 1:33 Buy

    Campana a Media Noche

  11. 11 Apuyaya Hánkel Bellido 3:21 Buy
  12. 12 Cambio de Luto Hánkel Bellido 6:06 Buy

    Cambio de Luto

Death Is Not The End

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