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Various Artists
From Dawn Till Dusk
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July 9, 2021


"The influence and presence of trap and rap in dance/experimental is obviously massive, and the lines between genres are more blurred than ever. HAJJ, however, says this is a recent thing; “I find that the electronic scene in France is just starting to encourage the integration of this culture. Not so long ago people insulted me when I played rap/trap in my sets.”

The underpinning idea for this compilation brought electronic producers not explicitly of that world to unpick whatever boundaries remain and contribute tracks for a mixtape – while a few of the artists are more obviously ready to “play the game” and already make music which exists pretty close to this horizon, this has been a challenge to think creatively for a few of the other artists invited." Elliot Stevens for Ifonly


  1. 1 Broken Jaw Motherlurk 1:15
  2. 2 Mon Sang Mortimer Dubaton 1:30
  3. 3 D3 DivPro 1:30
  4. 4 Sot Ramallah (ZULI Remix) Haykal 1:29
  5. 5 The Fasting Of The Heart Epsilove 1:34
  6. 6 In The Tube Pithe 1:37
  7. 7 M0ck1nb1rd 69 Lastrack 1:43
  8. 8 Sibling Betty Hammershlag 1:39
  9. 9 Retribution Gohda 1:29
  10. 10 Plafond Dodo & J37 1:29
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