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Various Artists
Kitsune Musique Mixed by Eric Sharp
Kitsuné Musique
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 30, 2019

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Love the Rain (feat. Sisterwife) (Mixed) Eric Sharp 4:12 Buy

    Love the Rain (feat. Sisterwife) (Mixed)

  2. 2 So over It (Golf Clap Remix) (feat. Hannah Yadi) (Mixed) Pat Lok 3:40 Buy

    So over It (Golf Clap Remix) (feat. Hannah Yadi) (Mixed)

  3. 3 Burnin' (feat. Janine Bailey) (Mixed) BOYOCA 2:40 Buy

    Burnin' (feat. Janine Bailey) (Mixed)

  4. 4 Nova Vida (Captain Planet Remix) (Mixed) Allen French 4:12 Buy

    Nova Vida (Captain Planet Remix) (Mixed)

  5. 5 Do U Ever Get Down (Mixed) Wild & Free 4:14 Buy

    Do U Ever Get Down (Mixed)

  6. 6 Take My Hands (Mixed) Maxime Alexander 4:46 Buy

    Take My Hands (Mixed)

  7. 7 Lay Down (Mixed) HATT 5:50 Buy

    Lay Down (Mixed)

  8. 8 Givin' Nothin' (Mixed) BOYOCA 3:02 Buy

    Givin' Nothin' (Mixed)

  9. 9 Your Love (Mixed) Tyler Touche 3:50 Buy

    Your Love (Mixed)

  10. 10 Blood Is a Bubblebath (feat. Chris Veres) (Mixed) Bakery 2:38 Buy

    Blood Is a Bubblebath (feat. Chris Veres) (Mixed)

  11. 11 Out of Me (Mixed) jarradcleofé 3:20 Buy

    Out of Me (Mixed)

  12. 12 Her (Mixed) Hidden Face 4:02 Buy
  13. 13 Motorway (Mixed) Ninety's Story 3:02 Buy

    Motorway (Mixed)

  14. 14 Real Love (feat. Maribelle) (Mixed) Twin Theory 4:09 Buy

    Real Love (feat. Maribelle) (Mixed)

  15. 15 Purple Cloud (feat. Wes Whelan) (Mixed) La Felix / Sour 2:54 Buy

    Purple Cloud (feat. Wes Whelan) (Mixed)

Kitsuné Musique

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