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Grup Ses
Beats from the Vaults (2008 – 2021)
Discrepant / Souk Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 24, 2021

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Grup Ses, Istanbul based veteran beatmaker returns to Souk after 2 years with first fully instrumental album since 2011's sought after 'Beats and Pieces from Turkish Psychedelia'.

Grup Ses project dates back to 2007 which at the time focused on v/vm style edits and breakcore infused productions. Starting from 2008 Grup Ses started to build a version of Stones Throw & Brainfeeder influenced beatmaking mixed with a touch of humour. A blend including all kinds of local recorded material like records, tapes, radio broadcasts etc., which became the building blocks of signature Grup Ses sound.

'Beats from the vaults' is a showcase of beatmaking aesthetics Grup Ses visited between 2008 and 2021. Including various cuts available only on soundcloud plus unheard material compiled just for this album.

Track List

A1. Ritm (Intro)
A2. Apollo 06
A3. Buhar
A4. Krauthane Part 2
A5. Büyüleyici Part 1
A6. T A7. Üf de
A8. Büyüleyici Part 5
A9. Epik A10. Makara
A11. Milyoner feat Dj No Frost
A12. Mega A13. CızBız
A14. Yoo
B1. Interlude
B2. Malikane
B3. Damar Operasyonu
B4. Toplardamar Operasyonu
B5. Kılcaldamar Operasyonu
B6. Başparmak B7. Planet Ses Part 1
B8. Planet Ses Part 2
B9. Talan (Grup Ses Remix)
B10. Mono

Limited Editions

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