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There Is Love In You
Four Tet
There Is Love In You
Domino Recording Co
Catalogue Number
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January 2010
  • Vinyl, 2×LP

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    • Deluxe 180 gram vinyl, 2016 repress
    • Housed inside a full print double thick super gloss gatefold sleeve

There Is Love In You possibly the most revered Four Tet album yet and the perfect bridge between his earlier post-rock gear with Fridge and the latter club angles he moved towards via various solo and collaborative 12"s put out on his Text imprint. Following many years out of print, this super-heavyweight vinyl reissue is what all of you who missed out at the time have been dreaming of (also will save you quite a few quid by avoiding Discogs prices) When it first dropped back in 09, There Is Love In You had all the flavours of Kieran Hebden's previous work but anchored his sights on a more experimental 4x4 sound than before. This was evident on singles that were peppered around the LP's release that included the Burial collab Moth / Wolf Cub, a split with Mala DMZ and Joy O remixing lead single Love Cry. There Is Love... cemented Four Tet at the forefront of this post-genre electronic vanguard. The nine tracks switched between classic sounding Four Tet and the post-dubstep sound of producers blending rhythmic samples from different corners of the world (and record shop) to make club friendly trax. It's hard to single out the highlights here, but if we had to choose than the melancholic Plastic People with its misty-eyed rendition slash tribute to the East London club stands tall. While the Kosmiche roll of This Unfolds joins the dots of Finders Keepers & Cluster with a Floating Points-indebted jazzy house cloak. The LP's single Love Cry unwinds across 9 and a half minutes of dust and grooves which stand as an excellent reminder of Four Tet's ability to crank out a banger that other producers could only dream of making. Revisiting this LP in the wake of his recent material from the grime and jungle indebted collab with Terror Danjah and Beautiful Rewind's pirate radio leanings to the Morning/Evening Krautrock disco, it perfectly slots into the continuum that he started with Pause and continuing to this day, paving the way forward with a strong arc that tells a story with each new release. There Is Love In You, rejoice!

  1. 1 Angel Echoes Four Tet 4:00
  2. 2 Love Cry Four Tet 9:13
  3. 3 Circling Four Tet 5:17
  4. 4 Pablo's Heart Four Tet 0:11
  5. 5 Sing Four Tet 6:48
  6. 6 This Unfolds Four Tet 7:55
  7. 7 Reversing Four Tet 2:40
  8. 8 Plastic People Four Tet 6:33
  9. 9 She Just Likes To Fight Four Tet 4:34

Four Tet

Domino Recording Co

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