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rEAGENZ (2021 Remaster)
Musique Pour La Danse
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 21, 2021


Musique Pour La Danse presents a remastered version of Reagenz’s self-titled album of 1993 on vinyl for the first time, having been previously only available in CD format. Consisting of Jonah Sharp and the mighty Move D, it was recorded between studios in both San Francisco and Heidelberg. It’s a nicely varied snapshot of their sound and of the wider scenes kicking off around the time, encompassing lush ambient excursions, deep acid house, early braindance rhythmic experimentation and many scenic routes in between. Like Move D’s work with Pete Namlook, it’s a nostalgic snapshot which also hasn’t aged a day.

ä, ö, b, ü, ß, tz recorded at reflective studio, san francisco, summer 1993 long leaves, hollow mountain, dj friendly recorded at resource studio, heidelberg, summer 1994 by jonah sharp and david moufang.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Ä (2021 Remaster) 10:25 Buy

    Ä (2021 Remaster)

  2. 2 Ö (2021 Remaster) 6:48 Buy

    Ö (2021 Remaster)

  3. 3 Ü (2021 Remaster) 10:54 Buy

    Ü (2021 Remaster)

  4. 4 ß (2021 Remaster) 12:33 Buy

    ß (2021 Remaster)

  5. 5 Long Leaves (2021 Remaster) 8:14 Buy

    Long Leaves (2021 Remaster)

  6. 6 Hollow Mountain (2021 Remaster) 14:50 Buy

    Hollow Mountain (2021 Remaster)

  7. 7 DJ Friendly (2021 Remaster) 9:32 Buy

    DJ Friendly (2021 Remaster)

  8. 8 Tz 2:29 Buy


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