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Chaz Knapp
Organ Drunes
Figureight Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 7, 2021


Chaz Knapp presents Organ Drunes, a super limited cassette release from the Dallas-based artist coming to us courtesy of Shahzad Ismaily’s figureight records. Created as a means of forgoing the concept of his previous records, which owing to his background as a composer were largely overly complex piano and string pieces, Organ Drunes is a playful, indulgent and at times very poignant collection of melodic compositions made with a second-hand Yamaha organ.

“Strange, experimental, charming and, well, stoned.” The Guardian

"There’s a wonderful delicate craft to the work which showcases Knapp as a composer paying attention to those minor details, the kind which help elevate the music to something more." Echoes and Dust

  1. 1 Hello, and Introduction 1:46
  2. 2 My TMJ Pain Might Be An Abscess 4:43
  3. 3 I Am OKay 3:26
  4. 4 97F at 9PM 4:17
  5. 5 Interlude 1 3:06
  6. 6 Organ Drune 5 6:58
  7. 7 I Am Ok 4:10
  8. 8 Interlude 2 2:49
  9. 9 5G Pulse 5:05
  10. 10 Interlude 3 3:13
  11. 11 A Breakdancers Broken Heart 7:11
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