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James Pants
Seven Seals
Stones Throw Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 8, 2009

Northwest American eccentric James Pants channels his love of psychedelic soul, frosty minimal wave electronics and blissed out 80's ambient music for his sophomore album on Stones Throw. Apparently inspired by reading a wealth of underground mystical literature and The Book of Revelations, Seven Seals is the Soundtrack to Pant's imaginary cult. Whatever the origins, it's a marvellous record; his tender falsetto floats through a mist of feedbacked drones, sparkling synths and primitve drum machines. Lo fidelity brilliance once again...

Digital Track List

  1. 1 The Eyes of the Lord 3:15 Buy

    The Eyes of the Lord

  2. 2 A Chip in the Hand 2:54 Buy

    A Chip in the Hand

  3. 3 Beyond Time 1:46 Buy
  4. 4 I Live Inside an Egg 2:15 Buy

    I Live Inside an Egg

  5. 5 Wormhole 3:24 Buy
  6. 6 Sky Warning 4:41 Buy
  7. 7 Seven Seals Theme 1:14 Buy

    Seven Seals Theme

  8. 8 Thin Moon 2:56 Buy
  9. 9 Not Me 2:26 Buy
  10. 10 I Saw You 2:27 Buy
  11. 11 Now, Let Me Brush You 2:32 Buy

    Now, Let Me Brush You

  12. 12 I Promise I Lied 2:51 Buy

    I Promise I Lied

  13. 13 Wash To Sea 3:27 Buy
  14. 14 Aqua Sun 2:09 Buy
  15. 15 Oceans 0:50 Buy

James Pants

Stones Throw Records

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