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Hidden Mirage
Hidden Mirage
Furthur Electronix
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 28, 2021


Further Electronix received an anonymous email link containing a number of demos. The music itself was melancholic and playful in its light acid tone yet beautifully reflective in its transitions toward ambient techno avenues. The issue was this: there was little evidence of who made it, or where in the world it came from. Beyond the music itself, the only information available was its cryptically titled tracklist and the email sender’s handle, ‘Hidden Mirage’.

Whoever made this album, it’s clearly designed with an audience in mind. The drum machine on ‘annie use ghost’ works tirelessly to generate low-key club euphoria alongside its vintage synth climb, leading us to wonder whether this release was made in the 21st century or the golden age of rave music. The likes of ‘Untitled’ problematizes this theory with its pseudo-reggaeton rhythm, making it seem refreshingly current, while the lo-fi drum n bass hits of ‘rew __ __ f.fwd’ deepens the anachronistic mystery.

The motives are unclear too; why send an LP for release with so few details, without so much as a logo? The producer wanted to share the precious gift of dance music with all its inherent magic, without the ego.

  1. 1 annie use ghost 3:22
  2. 2 Monocircuit 2:55
  3. 3 7947973_749 3:16
  4. 4 Untitled 1:33
  5. 5 c0m3rme 3l n4b0 4:24
  6. 6 rew __ __ f.fwd 1:33
  7. 7 Untitled 4:12
  8. 8 69550 3:30

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