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Various Artists
Sound Storing Machines: The First 78rpm Records from Japan, 1903-1912
Sublime Frequencies
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April 16, 2021


When recorded music was young, back before there was a discernible industry to speak of, legendary producer and recording engineer Fred Gaisberg went to Japan to record some musicians. These works — largely consisting of gagaku, shakuhachi, shamisen and folk songs — became some of the first commercial recordings in existence. Through wars and fire bombings, these 78rpm discs survived and found their way to collector and compiler Robert Millis, who here presents them as part of his on-going archival compilation series. Even without the staggering historical notes, the record is a deeply psychedelic experience, and a reminder that music was always meant to be weird.

Track List

  1. Bairo 
  2. Senryou Nobori 
  3. Chikumagawa 
  4. Kappore 
  5. Hokai-bushi Oiwake-bushi 
  6. Matsukaze [Wind in the Pines] 
  7. Rakugo: Ukiy-buro [Scene in a Public Bath]
  8. Taishikichou 
  9. Shiokumi Kasatsukashi [Collecting Water] 
  10. Yokyoku [from the noh drama Kakitsubata] 
  11. Sanjusangen-do Kiyori 
  12. Neko Ja [cat dance]
  13. Horikawa Sarumawashi [The Monkey Trainer]  
  14. Sakaya no dan [from Sankatsu Hanchichi—The Double Suicide, or The Love Suicides] 
  15. Joruri Taiko-ki Ju Danme 

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