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Zero Kama
Zero Kama
Infinite Fog
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April 23, 2021


The complete works of a Zero Kama, a seminal act in the realms of dark, ritualistic ambient. Zero Kama was founded in 1983 by Michael Sperlhofer, making instruments out of human bones or invoking noir symbolism through the record’s aesthetic. There have been some reissues since, but none cover the occult discography of this singular artist as thoroughly as this new, self-titled anthology, which remasters the entire journey of Zero Kama for maximum impact. For longtime fans and new discoverers alike, Zero Kama is a must-have collection of eerie and exploratory soundscapes.

  1. 1 Death Posture 4:59
  2. 2 Atavism Dream 5:10
  3. 3 Night Of Matter 3:22
  4. 4 Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome 4:00
  5. 5 Love Alway Yieldeth 6:23
  6. 6 Azure-Lidded Woman (Pregnant Womb Of Non) 3:52
  7. 7 Hassan I Sabbah 6:48
  8. 8 Starlit Mire 4:32
  9. 9 Winged Eye Hadit 5:28
  10. 10 Love Alway Hardeneth 6:35
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Infinite Fog

Experimental and Noise

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