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Awakening From The Illusory Self
Tresor Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 14, 2021

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Press Release

Dave Sumner returns with a new Function record, entitled Awakening From The Illusory Self. Released as a 12" EP on Tresor Records, it follows on from Existenz, his last full-length album released in November 2019.

Packed in a beautiful sleeve printed with 3 x special Neon colors, Tresor.320 kicks off with the fast techno of Misinterpretations Of Reality', it features a minimal acid-infected crescendo and throbbing pulse. As ever with Function, this idiosyncratic rhythmic work finds a place out on a limb from contemporaries, shapeshifting impulses that infer and guide this raw drum sound.

The second track 'An Optical Illusion Of Consciousness', Function moves towards a different direction, bringing more elements to the mix. It recalls the Dutch 90s techno sound with its melodic blurred synth leanings stretching and morphing across saturated, playful drums and hefty low-end movement. Its bind is perfectly weighted, a phenomenal track that nurtures its inner dancefloor soul as melodies fade away and tighter patterns take precedence.

'Spiritually Unconscious' points to all the trademarks of Function's celebrated sound. A smooth 909 groove underpins bubbling atmospheres and hallucinatory effects, and a nod to the Motor City vision with its fleeting synth strings. At the core is potent, repetitive simplicity, its beat playing with weight and dynamics but never at risk of being lost. Closing track 'Compulsive Thinking - Repetitive and Pointless' kicks a juddering swagger, finding public addressed system emissions drenched in reverb resonating above bleak analogic synth drones. It haunts and creeps towards a thunderous apex, finding its depth in sparse drum movements.

An enduring fixture in the techno and electronic music landscape, Sumner continues to step through new terrains, reinforcing his spike and vision. Awakening From The Illusory Self finds him as ever delivering the goods in elating moments of pure club heft.

Tresor.320 releases April 16th on 12” and digital.

Pre-order Information

We endeavour to ensure pre-orders reach you on the official release date. The date indicated above is the nearest possible delivery date according to the distributor, and is therefore liable to change at any time in accordance with changes made by the distributor.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Misinterpretations of Reality 6:18 Buy

    Misinterpretations of Reality

  2. 2 An Optical Illusion of Consciousness 6:35 Buy

    An Optical Illusion of Consciousness

  3. 3 Spiritually Unconscious (Dissolve) 9:21 Buy

    Spiritually Unconscious (Dissolve)

  4. 4 Compulsive Thinking: Repetitive and Pointless 6:46 Buy

    Compulsive Thinking: Repetitive and Pointless

Track List

A1. Misinterpretations Of Reality 6.19
A2. An Optical Illusion Of Consciousness 6.35
B1. Spiritually Unconscious (Dissolve) 9.21
B2. Compulsive Thinking: Repetitive and Pointless 6.46


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