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Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
Luke Vibert
Chicago, Detroit, Redruth
Planet Mu
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August 2007
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The new album from Luke Vibert is very nice indeed, he's not trying to do music in any particular style apart from his own, so his own joyful take on dance music comes through and it's a real treat, quite simply real musical pleasure.

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  1. 1 ComfyCozy 5:33 Luke Vibert Buy
  2. 2 Brain Rave 4:30 Luke Vibert Buy
  3. 3 Radio Savalas 3:41 Luke Vibert Buy
  4. 4 Breakbeat Metal Music 4:38 Luke Vibert Buy
  5. 5 God 3:45 Luke Vibert Buy
  6. 6 Clikilik 5:17 Luke Vibert Buy
  7. 7 Argument Fly 7:53 Luke Vibert Buy
  8. 8 Rotting Flesh Bags 4:58 Luke Vibert Buy
  9. 9 Comphex 5:28 Luke Vibert Buy
  10. 10 Rapperdacid 3:39 Luke Vibert Buy
  11. 11 Chicago, Detroit, Redruth 5:33 Luke Vibert Buy
  12. 12 Swet 8:05 Luke Vibert Buy

Luke Vibert

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Planet Mu

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Electro and Acid

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