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Various Artists
L'Eau Repousse Les Feux Agressifs
Mama Told Ya
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April 2, 2021

Press Release

IT’S RAINING TRACKS : After three successful collaborative releases on Mama Told Ya over the past few months, Anetha quenches our unquenchable thirst with MTY-EAU, a brand new compilation: 4 vinyls, 16 tracks, 18 artists - one madly diluvian project featuring Varg and Croatian Amor, UFO95, Anetha, Tommy Holohan, X-Coast , EMMA DJ, Less Distress, Sugar, ABSL, Quest?Onmarc , Ryan James Ford, ISAbella Le Dom, FAKETHIAS, Rhys Jelson, Jardin and Certain Smith

Entitled "L’eau repousse les feux agressifs", it will be the first of a series around the four elements. Source of inspiration, Water teaches us acceptance. It completely flows in this first opus, as into the spirits - in "quarantine" at that time - of the guest artists.

No sluices, zero dams and a lot of free time, the opportunity to dare more... experimental streams. Mama Told Ya is therefore innovating, although there is some for all tastes in each and every vinyl: torrent of fast disjoncted techno, cloudburst of acid, trance and hyper-saturation, downpour of experimental or even electronic-rap vocoder…. RAIN. ON. ME.! To be savoured chilled at home or boiling, in a club.

The artwork has this time been entrusted to visual artist Karin Kimel, who delivers a version of the world through an aquatic 3D prism in which only the fragments of a boiling underwater volcano remain.

With a profoundly dramatic intro, « Bully » immediately immerses us in the icy Scandinavian waters, on the verge of hydrocution. An epic, almost mystical opening, heralding the impending flood. Water then, in all its temperaments, under all its temperatures, spreads everywhere, throughout the listening, sometimes soothing, sometimes thundering. Under pressure in « EXTREMELY URGENT », it even becomes irrepressible. Next follows a demented race set to submerge everything. Open valves and sinks, overflowing swimming pools, flash floods, storms and tsunamis, endless monsoons, melting ice and glaciers… It is ultimately a liquid world, entirely drowned under water that we find in « 5th generation », outro of a new genre which invites to reinvent the future, and why not Mama Told Ya’s future.

It’s hard not to hear in this aquatic odyssey an ecological warning, a call (back) to Nature.

  1. 1 Bully Croatian Amor & Varg 1:30
  2. 2 Naturbath UFO95 1:30
  3. 3 Free Britney Anetha 1:30
  4. 4 Iced out 3D Tommy Holohan 1:30
  5. 5 Mutations X-Coast 1:30
  6. 6 Extremely urgent Emma DJ 1:30
  7. 7 Ambivalent Nature Less Distress 1:30
  8. 8 Days Grown Old Sugar 1:30
  9. 9 Crayons de couleurs ABSL 1:30
  10. 10 Waterbender (homage to stolen ancestors) Quest?onmarc 1:30
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Track List

A1 – Varg & Croatian Amor - Bully
A2 – UFO95 - Naturbath
B1 – Anetha – Free Britney
B2 – Tommy Holohan – Iced out 3D
C1 – X-Coast - Mutations
C2 – EMMA Dj – Extremely urgent
D1 – Less Distress – Ambivalent Nature
D2 – Sugar – Days Grown Old
E1 – ABSL – Crayons de couleurs
E2 – Quest?onmarc – Waterbender (homage to stolen ancestors)
F1 – Ryan James Ford – Snake Bitter
F2 – Isabelle - Impresia
G1 – Le Dom - Dodge
G2 – FAKETHIAS - Snute
H1 – Rhys Jelson – The birds sand but she just spoke
H2 – Jardin & Certain Smith – 5th Generation

Mama Told Ya

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