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Holidays In The Shade
DJ Bootsie
Holidays In The Shade
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December 2009
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Hungarian hip-hop...In his native land, DJ Bootsie has conquered the DMC championships and has been rockin' his underground for well over ten years now. Strangely hypnotic, this actually works... as live vocals/instruments clatter against a soundscape of Hungarian samplism and heavy breaks. Sounding like DJ Krush meeting Madlib on a crate digging session in Budapest.

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  1. 1 Rain A Fall 4:39 DJ Bootsie Buy
  2. 2 Lieutenant Chrome 5:09 DJ Bootsie Buy
  3. 3 Mosquito Dance 5:46 DJ Bootsie Buy
  4. 4 Kite Over Faurndau 5:37 DJ Bootsie Buy
  5. 5 Vast Hope (feat. Vast Aire) 3:47 DJ Bootsie Buy
  6. 6 Ballad Of The Space Ship Rigger Pt. 1 4:09 DJ Bootsie Buy
  7. 7 Ballad Of The Space Ship Rigger Pt. 2 2:19 DJ Bootsie Buy
  8. 8 Call Mr. Prozac 5:26 DJ Bootsie Buy
  9. 9 Tableaux Repin 7:04 DJ Bootsie Buy
  10. 10 Neil And Vincent Pt. 1 4:15 DJ Bootsie Buy
  11. 11 Neil And Vincent Pt. 2 4:23 DJ Bootsie Buy
  12. 12 Move A Mountain (feat. O.C.) 4:16 DJ Bootsie Buy
  13. 13 Körmenet / Procession 4:59 DJ Bootsie Buy
  14. 14 Huzd 5:01 DJ Bootsie Buy

DJ Bootsie


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