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Mouse On Mars
Thrill Jockey
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 26, 2021


Longstanding electronic duo Mouse on Mars continue to push the form forward with AAI. On the surface, it’s another stellar work from Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma, but lurking behind the scenes are some shapes and sounds we haven’t heard from them before in their illustrious career. Polyrhythmic skittering and an all-together twisted club atmosphere are crafted with the cutting AI tech at MOM’s disposal, made collaboratively with collective Birds on Mars and a couple of former streaming site programmers. The developments yielded a kind of futuristic voice box, the results of which give the choppy beat on the likes of ‘Artificial Authentic’ and uncannily fleshy quality.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Engineering Systems 0:21 Buy

    Engineering Systems

  2. 2 The Latent Space 6:26 Buy

    The Latent Space

  3. 3 Speech And Ambulation 7:05 Buy

    Speech And Ambulation

  4. 4 Thousand To One 5:31 Buy

    Thousand To One

  5. 5 Walking And Talking 6:19 Buy

    Walking And Talking

  6. 6 Youmachine 4:08 Buy
  7. 7 Doublekeyrock 2:24 Buy
  8. 8 Machine Rights 1:42 Buy

    Machine Rights

  9. 9 Go Tick 4:19 Buy
  10. 10 The Fear of Machines 1:43 Buy

    The Fear of Machines

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Track List

  1. Engineering Systems
  2. The Latent Space
  3. Speech And Ambulation
  4. Thousand To One
  5. Walking And Talking
  6. Youmachine
  7. Doublekeyrock
  8. Machine Rights
  9. Go Tick
  10. The Fear Of Machines
  11. Artificial Authentic
  12. Machine Perspective
  13. Cut That Fishernet
  14. Tools Use Tools
  15. Loose Tools
  16. Seven Months
  17. Paymig
  18. Borrow Signs
  19. New Definitions
  20. New Life Always Announces Itself Through Sound

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