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Various Artists
Gonna Be A Big Thing
FM Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 19, 2021

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Run For Cover (Original) The Dells 3:04 Buy

    Run For Cover (Original)

  2. 2 Come Back Baby (Original) Nella Dodds 2:23 Buy

    Come Back Baby (Original)

  3. 3 Desiree (Original) The Charts 2:44 Buy

    Desiree (Original)

  4. 4 Bring Your Love Back (Original) Linda Lyndell 2:07 Buy

    Bring Your Love Back (Original)

  5. 5 Surffin' City (Original) Johnny Copeland 2:31 Buy

    Surffin' City (Original)

  6. 6 Sister Lee (Original) Sam Ward 2:10 Buy

    Sister Lee (Original)

  7. 7 Sweet Sherry (Original) J.J. Barnes 2:42 Buy

    Sweet Sherry (Original)

  8. 8 Thumb A Ride (Original) Earl Wright and His Orchestra 2:58 Buy

    Thumb A Ride (Original)

  9. 9 Mighty Lover (Original) The Ideals 2:44 Buy

    Mighty Lover (Original)

  10. 10 Key To My Happiness (Original) The Charades 2:03 Buy

    Key To My Happiness (Original)

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