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Adrian Younge
The American Negro
Jazz Is Dead
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 26, 2021


Press Release

The American Negro is an unapologetic critique, detailing the systemic & malevolent psychology that afflicts people of color. It should be evident that any examination of black music is an examination of the relationship between black & white America.

This relationship has shaped the cultural evolution of the world and its negative roots run deep into our psyche. With an elaborate orchestral and soulful display, The American Negro re-invents the black native tongue: a politically conscious LP with a prescription to eradicate hate in America.

“The American Negro is the most important creative accomplishment of my life. This project dissects the chemistry behind blind racism, using music as the medium to restore dignity and self-worth to my people"

Adrian Younge is a multi-instrumentalist, film composer and producer with an analog studio and record store in Los Angeles. He is a member of The Midnight Hour and has produced for entertainment greats ranging from Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Wu Tang Clan.

He’s composed for television shows such as Marvel’s Luke Cage (with Ali Shaheed Muhammad), and films including Black Dynamite. He owns the boutique record label, Linear Labs, and is co-owner of Jazz Is Dead.

When he’s not working on scores for major studios or networks, he’s making albums that speak to his own artistry.

For The American Negro, Younge not only wrote, but played every instrument of the album’s rhythm section; he also orchestrated a 30-piece orchestra and recorded them in his analog studio.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Revisionist History 1:30 Buy

    Revisionist History

  2. 2 The American Negro 4:36 Buy

    The American Negro

  3. 3 The Black Broadcast 0:45 Buy

    The Black Broadcast

  4. 4 Revolutionize 3:22 Buy
  5. 5 Double Consciousness 0:38 Buy

    Double Consciousness

  6. 6 Watch the Children 1:55 Buy

    Watch the Children

  7. 7 Dying on the Run 2:31 Buy

    Dying on the Run

  8. 8 Intransigence of the Blind 0:56 Buy

    Intransigence of the Blind

  9. 9 James Mincey Jr. 2:41 Buy

    James Mincey Jr.

  10. 10 Disadvantaged Without a Title 0:39 Buy

    Disadvantaged Without a Title

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Track List


  1. Revisionist History
  2. The American Negro
  3. The Black Broadcast
  4. Revolutionize
  5. Double Consciousness
  6. Watch The Children
  7. Dying On The Run
  8. Intransigence of The Blind
  9. James Mincey Jr.
  10. Disadvantaged Without A Title
  11. Mama (You Will Make It)
  12. The Black Queen
  13. Margaret Garner
  14. Race Is A Fallacy
  15. Light On The Horizon
  16. A Symphony For Sahara
  17. America Is Listening
  18. The March On America
  19. Paradox of The Positive
  20. The Death March
  21. Black Lives Matter
  22. Rotten Roses
  23. Jim Crow's Dance
  24. Patriotic Portraits
  25. George Stinney Jr.
  26. Sullen Countenance


A1. Revisionist History
A2. The American Negro
A3. The Black Broadcast
A4. Revolutionize
A5. Double Consciousness
A6. Watch The Children
B1. Dying On The Run
B2. Intransigence of The Blind
B3. James Mincey Jr.
B4. Disadvantaged Without A Title
B5. Mama (You Will Make It)
B6. The Black Queen
B7. Margaret Garner
B8. Race Is A Fallacy
C1. Light On The Horizon
C2. A Symphony For Sahara
C3. America Is Listening
C4. The March On America
C5. Paradox of The Positive
C6. The Death March
C7. Black Lives Matter
D1. Rotten Roses
D2. Jim Crow's Dance
D3. Patriotic Portraits
D4. George Stinney Jr.
D5. Sullen Countenance

Adrian Younge

Jazz Is Dead


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