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Like Sunlit Threads
Ilian Tape
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Release Date
March 5, 2021


Glaswegian electro mystic Mark Kastner has evidently chilled out over the years, and like receding into the sofa after a hard day’s work, his debut under the Kas moniker, Like Sunlit Threads, seems to dissolve his person altogether into a fine mist of ambient techno. ‘I Was Never Really Here’ begins the LP at a droning, beat-less pitch, as a titanic wall of sound envelops the odd synth wisp that sounds like the chattering of blackbirds. While the vibe here is set at a melancholic headphone listen, there’s still the likes of ‘Mystery Beyond Mystery’ and ‘Birth Of The Healer’, which find Kastner opting for skittering IDM intonations and an insatiably groovy sense for industrialised drum programming.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 I Was Never Really Here Kas and Mark Kastner 2:23 Buy

    I Was Never Really Here

  2. 2 Like Sunlit Threads Kas and Mark Kastner 8:11 Buy

    Like Sunlit Threads

  3. 3 Last Silence Kas and Mark Kastner 3:12 Buy
  4. 4 Mystery Beyond Mystery Kas and Mark Kastner 6:56 Buy

    Mystery Beyond Mystery

  5. 5 Outwardly Attaching Kas and Mark Kastner 3:24 Buy

    Outwardly Attaching

  6. 6 Holographic Matrix Of Informational Totality Kas and Mark Kastner 5:43 Buy

    Holographic Matrix Of Informational Totality

  7. 7 Self Aware Field PT 1 Kas and Mark Kastner 4:18 Buy

    Self Aware Field PT 1

  8. 8 Birth Of The Healer Kas and Mark Kastner 5:27 Buy

    Birth Of The Healer

  9. 9 Self Aware Field Pt 2 Kas and Mark Kastner 7:03 Buy

    Self Aware Field Pt 2

  10. 10 In The Absence Of Becoming Kas and Mark Kastner 6:13 Buy

    In The Absence Of Becoming

  11. 11 Logos Triggering Agent Kas and Mark Kastner 5:22 Buy

    Logos Triggering Agent

  12. 12 Deeply Rooted Peace Kas and Mark Kastner 4:20 Buy

    Deeply Rooted Peace

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