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His Name Is Alive
A Silver Thread (Home Recordings 1979 - 1990)
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February 12, 2021

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A 60 track anthology compiling early work by Warren Defever aka His Name Is Alive, prior to signing to 4AD. This set compiles 3 volumes previously released on vinyl, alongside a bonus disc and 36 page booklet. 

The first of disc All The Mirrors In The House focusses on the period of 1979-1986, a timespan which means that some of the entries here were made when Defever was as young as 10. The tender age at which Defever created these pieces gives them an air of childlike curiosity. On this record we see a young person’s musical understanding developing in real time. Disc 2 Return To Never selects work from formative works dating from Defever’s teenage years using beautiful greyscale drones and ambiences that often come doused in liberal amounts of tape hiss. Hope Is A Candle features later work from 1985-90’. The utopian atmospheres of fourth world music, industrial’s bold sampling and cathedral-wide ambient sounds can all be found here - though it is a testament to the vision of the young Defever that, even with all those balls in play, Hope Is A Candle ultimately sounds like nothing other than His Name Is Alive.

The final disc collates some of the best tracks from the cassette companion volumes that were released alongside each LP - 6Teen OK, Return Versions and Ghost Tape EXP. Disciples deliver yet another fantastic archival collection from Warren Defever’s vast catalogue.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Piano Rev 2:03 Buy
  2. 2 Lliadin 2:55 Buy
  3. 3 Something About Hope 2:35 Buy

    Something About Hope

  4. 4 All The Mirrors In The House 1:27 Buy

    All The Mirrors In The House

  5. 5 Because Piano 2:23 Buy
  6. 6 Rememory 4:43 Buy
  7. 7 Tape Sound 0:36 Buy
  8. 8 Guitar Rev 2:01 Buy
  9. 9 Fine As Feathers 2:20 Buy

    Fine As Feathers

  10. 10 Reflection Pool 4:01 Buy
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His Name Is Alive

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His Name Is Alive


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Alternative / Indie / Post-rock

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