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Mantle of Gets
Caveat Emptor
Schematic Music Co.
Catalogue Number
Release Date
12 gener 2021

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UK artist Luke Williams’ Mantle of Gets moniker traverses woozy ambient and introspective beat science. Caveat Emptor, a cassette-only release via his own Uchelfa Recordings imprint, is the follow up to his debut three album series (as Mantle of Gets) from June of 2020. There are unexpected turns at every corner on the cassette, seamlessly flipping the script of his wide-reaching sound.

Llista de pistes digitals

  1. 1 Double F v Double D 6:50 Comprar
  2. 2 HL But Can't Use HL 5:28 Comprar
  3. 3 Bt Exercise BEG (Joa2t.4d904073) 4:12 Comprar

    Bt Exercise BEG (Joa2t.4d904073)

  4. 4 Madarch 6:44 Comprar
  5. 5 Handsel (lap) 1:20 Comprar
  6. 6 1Ftb, 1Fm 5:10 Comprar

Track List

Double F v Double D
HL But Can't Use HL
Bt Exercise BEG (Joa2t.4d904073)
Handsel (lap)
1Ftb, 1Fm

Mantle of Gets

Schematic Music Co.

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